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  • .....In 2004 I had a little rotten cottage, 500 sq. ft. but in a good area of San Francisco on Alemany Blvd and Santa Rosa. This was a developer's office in 40s!. Arcon Construction reinforced the old box and built the second floor on the top of it, plus extended 10' to the side yard. As a result of an outstanding job, creativity and enthusiasm of its team I got 1600 sq. f. house on the conner lot, 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Arcon Construction created a miracle in San Francisco that nobody ever attempted to do since 1945. 5 families lived there since then and nobody ever thought that this could be done. 300 households around were grateful for improving the view and the value of their homes. As for me, the owner, Arcon Construction changed my life for ever. This company was the only one who could realize my dream.

    Rimma Alexander

  • .....Dear Mr. Libov....I have known V. Libov through Arcon Construction for over five years. We have worked on projects together on many occasions during that time. Arcon Construction has an excellent reputation in the building community for being efficient and providing excellent customer service. I recommend them to my clients on a regular basis.

    Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers, Inc.

  • .....Arcon Const. was a pleasure to work with. Andrew and Vladimir always arrived as we agreed. they gave me a fair estimate on the work to be done. They had good ideas on how to complete the project. they were able to schedule the project in a reasonable time frame and complete it as agreed. after the completion inspection I requested some of the work be corrected or constructed in a different manner. They completed this work promptly. Overall they are very skilled and compotent builders. I would reccomend them to my closest associates.

    Stuart Grunow

  • .....I have decided to make some addition to my house and I know it is hard to find a good contractor. I have heard all kinds of stories about contractors who did not meet their dead lines, increased project price after it was already started or just simply quit. One of my friends recommended Arcon Construction Company. Now, after the project is completed I want to thank Arcon Construction and my friend who referred me to them. Project was done professionally, on time, without any hidden costs and the quality of their work exceeded my expectation.

    V. & E. Pamelo

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