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  • .....Dear Mr. Libov,.....Though our association lasted little more than a year, I found my association with you and Arcon Construction to be a successful mix of leadership and hard work. The demands inherent to “Public Works” projects were met by your positive attitude and integrity throughout the project. Andrew, I wish you and the Arcon Construction Co. success in all your future endeavors.

    Davis P.

  • ..... We love our home!! The contemporary style sold on us on the house, but the design elements that have become more apparent through living in the house have made us fall in love. The contemporary design flows throughout the house and is really apparent in the open floor plan, the framing around the doors, the gorgeous hardwood floors, the fixtures in the chef’s kitchen, as well as the design themes in the guest and children’s bathrooms. Our love for the house does not come at a cost in energy efficiency. Our house meets an exacting standard in a number of areas: the tankless water heater, the high quality thermal windows, and the insulation level is exceptionally high for a house on the peninsula. All these elements are combined with an attention to detail that is very gratifying to see as a new home owner. Plus, Arcon has been very responsive and great to work with on some additional work we had done. I highly recommend Arcon Construction for anyone considering building their own house, especially one with a contemporary design.

    Ed C.

  • .....Arcon Construction is well-run organization. It provides top-quality, timely and cost-effective construction service suited for owner builders and developers alike. The company's managers are very experienced career professionals who not only run an expertly trained construction team but also productively interact with the municipal building departments and inspection services.

    Harry B.

  • ..........We’re happy the job is done. Arcon did a very good job. Our experience with Arcon was very different from our previous experiences with other contractors. Arcon gave us an accurate estimate of the cost and time it would take to complete the job. You started work when you said you would and completed the work quickly. In the past, we have had other contractors who would start the job and then leave it for weeks at a time while they moved on to other jobs. This was not our experience with Arcon, and we were very pleased with the work. One thing that made it much easier for us was that through you we could always get answers to our questions quickly. Thank you for always being so helpful. We would definitely use Arcon again for any future work and recommend you to anyone we know. Best regards,

    Kathy Light and Pierre Lourens

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